Lamp Post Decorating

Does your business or organization want to join the fun? REGISTER HERE: LAMP POST DECORATION

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Help turn Main Street into a Halloween Hometown…

Calling all local businesses, residents and organizations. 49 Lamp posts are available along East and West Main Street to be decorated! If we decorate every one, we can transform Main Street into a Halloween Hometown like no other on the East End! Main Street merchants have first right of refusal to use lamp post in front of their store and then we will open up the selection to the community!

• Select your lamp post and design concept encompassing any Halloween or fall theme

Please use zip ties to use to attach decorations to lamp posts, please do not use wire or tape

• The BID will supply a laminated sign with business name for each lamp post, do not attach
    your decorations to this sign, you are welcome to be creative and make your own!

• Lamp post must be put up between 10/13 &10/20 and removed between 11/3 & 11/6.

                 NO EXCEPTIONS.

• You are responsible for purchasing and maintaining the decorations

• The BID will promote your work to the community

*Riverhead BID reserves the right to reassign lamp posts, deny inappropriate submissions and to remove any decorations that are not being maintained.  If your location is not available, one will be assigned to you. For more information please contact