Jack o’ Lantern Display


Welcome to our

2nd annual Jack O’ Lantern Walk!

Bring your carved pumpkin to Main Street to the Girl Scout Reception Table located by the East End Arts Entrance. We will provide lights to put inside your pumpkin. You are encouraged to create a unique tag to identify your pumpkin.
We will assign numbers for judging.


INFO FOR 2018 to be announced

Located at the East End Arts grounds right on Main Street, @133 East Main Street to be exact!

We look forward to this being a part of our ongoing Halloween celebration.

 If you’d like to take your pumpkin home, please pick it up following the parade.


Would you rather bring a painted pumpkin?
We’ll display it in our painted pumpkin patch!

Pumpkins may be available for purchase.

Here’s some Jack O’ Lantern Fun:



A special thank you to East End Arts!  logo