Coffin Races

4 COSTUMED Runners and 1 Rider Required

Limited to 1st 30 pre-registered teams, $20 per entry

Basic Coffin Specifications*:

1. Min. 2 feet wide by 5 feet long, max. 46 inches (INC. HANDLES), by 8 feet long. No minimum or maximum height specification for the coffin or handles.

2. Each coffin must have 4 firmly attached wheels, attached in such a manner so that the coffin will roll on all 4 wheels when propelled down the racecourse. Wheels are not to exceed 8” in diameter, including tires. For safety and steering ability wheels or casters may rotate or swivel!

3. Ropes used for pulling coffins will not be permitted. Four handles must be securely attached to coffin. A push bar on the front & rear will be permitted.

4. Functional steering mechanisms are prohibited.

5. Decorative projections will be allowed, not to exceed the maximum width and length of the coffin. Decorations may extend up without limitations.

6. All coffin riders must wear a helmet during the race. Protective gear for runners is recommended but not required. Costumes must be appropriate and safe for racing.


2019 Coffin Race Registration

2019 Coffin Race Rules and Technical Specs – Everything you need to know: